West Jaintia Hills Police

Government of Meghalaya



There is no greater pride for me to be serving in West Jaintia Hills District with Jowai being one of the oldest district capitals of the state. The district has a rich historical and cultural heritage reflected in the warmth, honour and wisdom of the people here. The scope for development and tourism is immense which should be capitalised by the youth. The district has been peaceful on many fronts. However certain crimes like those against women and children have been on the rise. There has also been a rising trend in the number of drug users leading to the high incidence of crime against property like theft, robbery and burglary. New dimensions of crime especially in the realm of cyber crime has been a challenge for the district police. I am of the firm believe that while criminal investigation is the prerogative of the Police, crime is a social problem. Hence without the involvement of the community and every individual to be partners in the fight against crime, the endeavour in isolation will always be a futile one. Awareness and consciousness of every individual will come when there is a concerted effort from all ends to ensure that peace and development go side by side- this is how nation building begins. The Meghalaya Police is not a force per se but a service which stands true to its motto ‘ To Serve and Protect’. Diligence and integrity are the fundamentals on which the foundation of the district Police stands upon, and it is our firm resolve to ensure peace, harmony and security to all the people.