West Jaintia Hills Police

Government of Meghalaya

Mission Statement

We strive to adopt what is legally and ethically right or proper and shall be fair to all parties as directed by reason and justice. We strive to be free from favoritism or self interest or bias by conforming to the established laws and procedures... Read More>>



Jaintia peoples are famous for their waving skills and creating cane mats, stools and baskets. They are also famous for weaving of carpet and silk and the making of musical instruments, jewellery and pineapple fiber articles. They also weave cloth. A collection of various types of clothing used by both men and women of this district. They include dresses worn during festivity as well as in their day to day life. Jaintia people are famous for their pottery skills. They make special kinds of earthen containers (Maloi) used to store food items and others earthen tea pots (Tipot Khyndew Heh) used for storing the prepared tea for serving purpose or simply for storing water, earthen mugs (Mok Um) used for drinking water.