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VDP (Village Defence Party) Rally, 2019


The VDP rally was held on the 28th May, 2019 at District Library Auditorium, Mynthong, Jowai and was attended by representatives from all VDP units across the entire district of West Jaintia Hills. The rally commence at 11:00 AM and was graced by Shri. Lakador Syiem, MPS, Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills, as the chief guest. The meeting was chaired by the Addl. Superintendent of Police, Shri. B. Chetri, MPS and concluded with a conferring of awards to 10 (Ten) selected most active VDP units in the district for their various roles and contributions with respect to keeping of law and order, detection and prevention of crime as well as in assisting the police in various manner.

Shri. B. Chetri, MPS Additional Superintendent of police as presiding officer welcomed all participants and gave due credit to all the present VDPs acknowledging the important role they had played in assisting the police in matters of prevention and control of crime, matters pertaining to rogue characters and repeated offenders that was recorded in numerous cases registered in the district.

Shri. R. Tariang, MPS, SDPO Amlarem gave the welcome address and commended Shri. Lakador Syiem, MPS, Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills in taking the initiative to organise the rally. He also welcomed other police officials from the district who attended the meeting. In the speech Shri. R. Tariang, MPS, SDPO Amlarem reiterated the importance of such a meeting in facilitating a more cohesive and better co-ordination between the two organisations, i.e. the VDP volunteers and the police for better leverages and results as well as for establishing rapport.

Shri. R. Pde, Circle Organiser Village Defence Organisation (COVDO) was invited to give a speech and addressed the participants present. Shri. R. Pde highlighted on the need to improve and bolster the roles and functions of the VDP in crime prevention in their respective jurisdiction noting the gradual increase in crime day by day, while referring to such offences, such as crime against women and children and drug peddling. He categorised their roles as under:

1. That the VDPs as legal arm of the police to nurture information and pass the same to the police pertaining to anti-social elements and criminal characters.

2. That the VDPs should not show partiality and vested interests and shall work in tandem with village leaders and headmen for purposes of keeping the peace and public tranquillity.

Shri. M.J Marngar, MPS, Deputy Superintendent of Police, (Hqr), also addressed the meeting harping on the necessity for such a meeting for establishing better rapport, cohesion and co-ordination and for promoting the spirit of team work. He said that the objectives of the VDP is set towards community safety and security that comes about through the promotion and nurturing of the spirit of community policing and collective responsibility that should be inculcated in every member of the society starting from the home. He also said that the purpose of the rewards given on the day, for the best performing VDP units is aimed at encouraging such a spirit.

Shri. A. Lypon, President of the VDP Pynthor Langstieh Unit also gave a speech in which he heaped appreciation to the police department for taking a step in the right direction in organising such an important meeting. In his speech he insisted on the VDP to imbue more professionalism in their performances and operations and not to take the law into their own hands. For that matter, he also suggested on the necessity to confer training to VDP volunteers and sensitisation programmes.

Lastly, the participants were addressed by the chief guest Shri. Lakador Syiem, MPS, Superintendent of Police in which he expressed gratitude and appreciation to all representatives present. In his speech Shri. Lakador Syiem, MPS Superintendent of Police acknowledged the supportive and crucial role played by all the VDP units as the legal arm of the police, particularly and more recently, in facilitating the peaceful MDC’s and MP’s election. He said that there were 227 (Two Hundred Twenty Seven) registered Village Defence Party in the district, however more than 100 VDPs are yet to be registered. He stressed on the necessity for better co-ordination with the police as well as among the VDP themselves for better delivery of results. Also speaking on the volatile situation and vulnerabilities prevailing at the border areas, the Superintendent of Police said that the VDPs situated in those border areas should intensify public vigilance through patrolling as well as co-ordination with the security organisations and stakeholders stationed at the border and beyond.

After the speech of the Superintendent of Police and awards ceremony, the chairman opened the floor for discussion where a few issues and concerns were raised from both sides and deliberated. After the brief interactive session, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Shri. F. Passah, Circle Organiser Village Defence Organisation (COVDO).