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Awareness Programme of Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Educational Institutions

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell of the Thomas Jones Synod College Jowai, organised an Awareness Programme on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Educational Institutions” on the 28th September, 2016 at 10:00 A.M in the College Auditorium. This programme was organised especially for the Higher Secondary Section consisting of Class XI and Class XII, as the Cell wanted to create awareness amongst the student community and also to ensure a safe educational environment in the college. It was a great success as all the students of Class XI and XII (Morning and Day Section) attended and actively participated in discussion during the course of the programme.

In this programme, Smt. I. Kharpran, Sub-Inspector of Police, In-Charge of Crime Branch, Jowai Police Station, was invited as the resource person. The programme was held in two sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. In the first session (10.00 am – 12.00 noon) the programme was attended by the students of Class XI and XII (morning section) whereas the second session was attended by the Class XI and XII (day section). Smt. I. Kharpran presented and gave valuable information which proved to be very useful not only to the students but to teachers as well. The resource person shared and highlighted the need to create awareness especially among students of the meaning of Sexual Harassment, and how it can be prevented. This was done through discussions, interaction with students as well as showing of video clips in connection with sexual harassment, thus highlighting its impact and ill-consequences on the victim in particular. Smt I. Kharpran also explained to the students the different laws, rules and regulations relating to Sexual Harassment.

As a Cell we are grateful to Smt. I. Kharpran for gladly accepting our invitation to be the resource person and for her valuable insights on a topic which is prevalent in the society and yet often ignored by many. Through this programme the cell is hoping that a sense of respect is created in the college community as it being a co-ed institution, and to prevent it from happening now and in the future. The students on their part also took an active part in the discussion. The programme came to a close at 3:00 p.m.