West Jaintia Hills Police

Government of Meghalaya


Sl No. Name Designation/ Rank Place of posting Mobile Number Email ID
1 Shri. Lakador Syiem,MPS Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 9436303074 (O) 0365-2221907 (R)0365-2220780 sp.wjh-meg@nic.in
2 Shri. B. Chettri, MPS Addl. Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 7005686668  
3 Shri. M.J Marngar, MPS Deputy Superintendent of Police (HQ), West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 9774853136 joe08marngar@gmail.com
4 Smti. Q. Fancon, MPS Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSB), West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 7085401610  
5 Shri. R. Tariang, MPS Sub-Divisional Police Officer Amlrem Amlarem Sub-Division (M) 8974887644  
Police Reserve Jowai
6 Shri. T.J Synrem Inspector Reserve Inspector, Police Reserve Jowai (M) 7005300941  
7 Shri. D.R Sangma Sub-Inspector Reserve Officer, Police Reserve Jowai (M) 8787308660  
Jowai Sadar
8 Shri. B. R. Marak Inspector Officer Incharge, Jowai  Police Station (M) 9863066565  
9 Smt. S. Wanshnong WP Inspector Officer Incharge, Jowai Women Police Station (M) 9863082268  
10 Shri. W.Suting Sub-Inspector Incharge, Ummulong Beat House (M) 9436106442  
11 Shri. D. Challam Sub-Inspector Incharge, Raliang Out Post (M) 94021167876  
12 Shri. B. Banai Sub-Inspector Incharge, Garampani Out Post (M) 8416091499  
13 Shri. Kyndait Sub-Inspector Incharge, Phramer Traffic Cell (M) 9402105004/7005907992  
14 Shri. O. Nongtdu Sub-Inspector Ummulong Beat House (M) 7085850015  
15 Shri. A.Wahlang Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 7630964929 arkijowai@gmail.com
16 Shri. P.Das Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 9774161066 pdp761@gmail.com
17 Shri. S.B Siangshai Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 8787676605  
18 Shri. C.Lamare Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 8730989107  
19 Shri. E.Suchiang Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 9774587780  
20 Shri. W.K Shadap Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station    
21 Shri. A.F Binan Sub-Inspector Phramer Traffic Cell (M) 7005631022  
22 Shri. C.G.R Rymbai Sub-Inspector Raliang OP (M) 9862091578  
23 Smti. R.M Suchiang Women Police Sub-Inspector Jowai Women Police Station (M) 7005277796  
24 Smti. I. Kharpran Women Police Sub-Inspector Jowai Women Police Station (M) 9774127478  
Jowai Traffic Branch
25 Shri. D.H Pde Inspector Incharge Jowai Traffic Branch (M) 9436107119  
26 Shri. E.Pohchen Sub-Inspector Jowai Traffic Branch (M) 8132003865  
Jowai Court
27 Shri. S.S Marak Inspector P.I Jowai Court (M) 8731834710  
DSB, Jowai
28 Shri. N. Lapang Inspector IBI, D.S.B Jowai (M) 9862298962  
29 Shri. H. Salahe Sub-Inspector D.S.B, Jowai (M) 8259974630  
30 Shri. S. Nongsteng Sub-Inspector D.S.B, Jowai (M) 8794151550  
Infiltration Branch, Jowai
31 Shri. K.M Pohshna Inspector IBI,Infiltration Branch, Jowai (M) 9436315373  
32 Shri. E.Shadap Sub-Inspector Infiltration Branch, Jowai (M)9436729471  
33 Shri. S.Lytan  Sub-Inspector Infiltration Branch, Jowai (M) 9774933577  
Nartiang Police Station
34 Shri. A.D Sangma Inspector Officer Incharge, Nartiang  Police Station (M) 8731960909  
35 Shri. S. Bareily Sub-Inspector Nartiang  Police Station (M) 9612103670  
36 Shri. J.J.I Wahlang Sub-Inspector Incharge, Saitsama OP (M) 8575334154  
37 Shri. H.Lamare Sub-Inspector Saitsama OP (M) 7005407396  
MPRO, Jowai 
38 Shri. I. Lyngdoh Sub-Inspector Officer Incharge, MPRO Jowai (M) 9436311174  
39 Shri. L.S Nongdhar Sub-Inspector MPRO, Jowai (M) 9089636567  
Fire & Emergency Service, Jowai
40 Shri R.K Singh Inspector SSO/ F & ES, Jowai (M) 8787541352  
41 Shri. K.Basaiawmoit Sub-Inspector SO/F & ES (Amlarem) (M) 9402532935  
42 Shri. A.H Khan Sub-Inspector SO/ F & ES (Dawki) (M) 8794733318  
Amlarem Sub-Division
43 Shri. L. Syngkon Sub-Inspector Officer In-charge, Amlarem Police Station (M) 9862926019  
44 Shri. W.Challam Sub-Inspector Officer In-charge, Dawki Police Station (M) 8258022095  
45 Shri. H. Sutnga Sub-Inspector Amlarem Police Station (M) 9485363936  
46 Shri. R.Syrti Sub-Inspector Incharge, Muktapur PP (M) 8729945667  
47 Shri. D.Dympep Sub-Inspector Incharge, Dawki PCP (M) 9485393006 donkupar25@gmail.com
48 Shri. J.F Thangkhiew Sub-Inspector Incharge, Dawki LCS (M) 9856700104  
Amlarem Court
49 Shri. R.Dhar Sub-Inspector PSI, Amlarem Court (M) 8413006917