West Jaintia Hills Police

Government of Meghalaya

Mission Statement

We strive to adopt what is legally and ethically right or proper and shall be fair to all parties as directed by reason and justice. We strive to be free from favoritism or self interest or bias by conforming to the established laws and procedures... Read More>>


Sl No. Name Designation/ Rank Place of posting Mobile Number Email ID
1 Shri. Bikram D. Marak, MPS Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (O) 0365-2221907 (R)0365-2220780 sp[dot]wjh-meg[at]nic[dot]in
2 Shri. B. Chettri, MPS Addl. Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 7005686668 bijaychettri3990@gmail.com
3 Shri. M.J Marngar, MPS Deputy Superintendent of Police (HQ)/(Traffic), West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 9774853136 joe08marngar[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Smt. C. W. Lyngdoh, MPS Deputy Superintendent of Police (Crime), West Jaintia Hills, Jowai SP's Office West Jaintia Hills, Jowai (M) 8132097333 creslyngdoh@gmail.com
Police Reserve Jowai
5     Reserve Inspector, Police Reserve Jowai (M)  
6 D.R. Sangma Sub-Inspector Reserve Officer, Police Reserve Jowai (M) 8415004495  
7 D. Majaw Armed Branch Sub-Inspector Police Reserve Jowai (M) 7005243849  
8 M. R. Marak Armed Branch Sub-Inspector Police Reserve Jowai (M) 7005247914  
Jowai Sadar
9 Shri. B. R. Marak Inspector CI cum Officer Incharge, Jowai Police Station (M) 8794734818 rangsabela@gmail.com
10 D. Lamare Sub-Inspector 2nd Officer Incharge, Jowai Police Station (M) 7005886349 lamaredamond@gmail.com
11 D. Dympep Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 8413006917 donkupar25@gmail.com
12 S.B Siangshai Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 7005394478 sbelleestarsiangshai@gmail.com
13 A. Ch. Marak Women Police Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 9863401256 marakals4@gmail.com
14 D. Pala Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (Attached) (M) 9862637717 d.pala88@gmail.com
15 L. Warjri Women Polcie Sub-Inspector Jowai Police Station (M) 9436490265 larihunawarjri@gmail.com
16 E. Pohchen Sub-Inspector In-charge, Phramer Traffic Cell (M) 8132003865 evantinuspohchen79@gmail.com
17 A.R. Marak Sub-Inspector Phramer Traffic Cell (M) 7085717890 ajitdshm@gmail.com
18 N.P.S Marak Women Police Sub-Inspector Phramer Traffic Cell (M) 9774070239 Peggymarak25@gmail.com
19 K.S. Lywait Sub-Inspector In-charge, Raliang Out Post (M) 7085965271 Venia1@rediffmail.com
20 K. Suchiang Sub-Inspector Raliang Out Post (M) 7005666911 kularbait@gmail.com
21 J. Chyne Sub-Inspector Raliang Out Post (M) 8014103324 chynejubonroy@gmail.com
22 A.F Binan Sub-Inspector In-Charge, Ummulong BH (M) 7085717890 Lstrbinan8@gmail.com
23 I. Kharpran Women Police Sub-Inspector Ummulong BH (M) 9774127478 Iba3Ds@gmail.com
24 A.R. Pariong Sub-Inspector Ummulong BH (M) 7005394478 Pariongronaldaldrin@gmail.com
25 R. Synkon Sub-Inspector In-charge, Saphai Out Post (M) 9366616032 romitsymkon@gmail.com
26 Smt. P. E. Marwein Women Police Inspector Officer In-charge,Jowai Women Police Station (M) 9366354649 preeminentmarwein@gmail.com
27 I. Nongrum Women Police Sub-Inspector 2nd Officer In charge,Jowai Women Police (M) 9774065467 Ibanongrum77@gmail.com
28 R.M Suchiang Women Police Sub-Inspector Jowai Women Police Station (M) 7005277796 ridasuchiang132@gmail.com
Jowai Traffic Branch
29 Shri.Deep Khatri Inspector Incharge, Jowai Traffic Branch (M) 9436100012 masterdeepkhatri@gmail.com
30 Rocky E.M. Umlong Sub-Inspector Jowai Traffic Branch (M) 7005548966 Edmund1975.rmu@gmail.com
31 J.K. Majaw Sub-Inspector Jowai Traffic Branch (M) 8794257312 Majaw.john28@gmail.com
Jowai Court
32 Shri.A.D. Sangma Inspector P.I Jowai Court (M) 9863117399 adsangma@gmail.com
33 K. Tham Women Police Sub-Inspector P.I Jowai Court (M) 9366526109 kyns21288@gmail.com
DSB, Jowai
34 Shri. V.S. Mishra Inspector IBI, D.S.B, Jowai (M) 8794743970  
35 H. Salahe Sub-Inspector D.S.B, Jowai (M) 8259974630  
36 S. Nongsteng Sub-Inspector D.S.B, Jowai (M) 8794151550  
Crime Branch, Jowai
37 Shri. D.B. Lamare Inspector Reader Inspector Crime Branch, Jowai (M) 8131994083 dannyboylamare74@gmail.com
38 Smti. B. Wahlang Women Police Sub-Inspector Reader Sub-Inspector Crime Branch, Jowai (M) 9366240173 rosewahlang@gmail.com
Infiltration Branch, Jowai
39 Shri. B. C. Marak Inspector IBI,Infiltration Branch, Jowai (M) 9436300954  
40 I. Nongrum Women Police Sub-Inspector Infiltration Branch, Jowai (M) 8132003789  
41 Shri. W.W.Nongpluh Sub-Inspector Infiltration Branch, Jowai (M) 6909680168  
DCRB, Jowai
42 G. Nongsiej Sub-Inspector In-charge, DCRB Jowai (M) 8974232008 gemynongsiej28@gmail.com
Nartiang Police Station
43 Shri. P. Kharlyngdoh Inspector CI cum Officer Incharge Nartiang PS (M) 87874573291 peterkharlyngdoh76@gmail.com
44 C. Lamare Sub-Inspector Nartiang PS (M) 8730989107 lamarechwa@gmail.com
45 S. Dkhar Sub-Inspector Nartiang PS (M) 9862486514 stevensondkhar@gmail.com
46 I. Dkhar Women Police Sub-Inspector Nartiang PS (M) 8256966517 Ibashishadkhar1234@gmail.com
47 W. Challam Sub-Inspector In-charge Saitsama OP (M) 7627903068 wchallam73@gmail.com
48 P.Najiar Sub-Inspector Saitsama OP (M) Pnajiar001@gmail.com
49 K. Rani Sub-Inspector Saitsama OP (M) 8787845300 carerani121@gmail.com
50 A. Kyndiah Sub-Inspector Officer In-charge, MPRO Jowai (M) 9366946093  
51 F. Lyngdoh Sub-Inspector MPRO, Jowai (M) 9774890818  
52 S. Ali Sub-Inspector MPRO, Jowai (M) 9101149095  
Fire & Emergency Service
53 Shri R.K Singh Inspector SSO/ F & ES, Jowai (M) 8787541352  
54 K. Basaiawmoit Sub-Inspector SO/F & ES,Amlarem (M) 9402532935  
55 I. Singha Sub-Inspector SO/F & ES,Saphai (M) 8787775132  
Amlarem Sub-Division
56 Shri. D. Moksha Deputy Superintendent of Police Sub-Divisional Police Officer Amlarem (M) 6009467768 mokshakupar@gmail.com
57 H. Kharnaior Inspector CI cum OC Amlarem PS (M) 7005273529 helingtonkharnaior65@gmail.com
58 A. Phawa Sub-Inspector Officer In-Charge, Amlarem PS (M) 9402303222 phawa88@gmail.com
59 A. Iawphniaw Sub-Inspector Amlarem PS (M) 8118975860 aiawphniaw2@gmail.com
60 W. Lapang Women Police Sub-Inspector Amlarem PS (M) 8794009576 wanishlapang2@yahoo.com
61 A. Wahlang Sub-Inspector Officer In-charge, Dawki PS (M) 9863222677 Arkijowai@gmail.com
62 S. Bhattacharjee Sub-Inspector Dawki PS (M) 9366836630 Sujit366bhattacharjee@gmail.com
63 B. Shadap Women Police Sub-Inspectorr Dawki PS (M) 9774691259 balentinolapjames@gmail.com
64 E. Myrten Sub-Inspectorr Dawki PS (M) 8794871946 offemchi@gmail.com
65 R. Kharakor Sub-Inspector In-charge, Dawki PCP (M) 8259078269 rocheltonk@gmail.com
66 B. Surong Sub-Inspector In-charge, Dawki LCS (M) 8259078269 bahsurong@gmail.com
67 R. Dhar Sub-Inspector In-charge, Muktapur PP (M) 8787494560 robenroydhar[at]gmail[dot]com
68 W. Jala Sub-Inspector Muktapur PP (M) 7627953251 freddio150987@gmail.com
69 I. Khongtyngkut Arm Branch Sub-Inspector SF-10 Dawki PS (M) 7005385287  
Amlarem Court
70 C. Ch Momin Sub-Inspector PSI, Amlarem Court (M) 9366120343 Chianghardymomin@gmail.com
71 J. Syiemlieh Sub-Inspector PSI, Amlarem Court (M) 9366350267 jeff.syiem@gmail.com
Police Control Room, Jowai
72 I. Nongrum Women Police Sub-Inspector In-charge, PCR Jowai (M) 8132003789