West Jaintia Hills Police

Government of Meghalaya

Road Safety Week, 2018

In observance of the 29th Road safety week, The Jowai Traffic Branch had conducted the road safety week from the date 23rd to 30th April 2018. The road safety week was conducted in collaboration with the District Administration and also the office of the District Transport Officer, PDW and health Department. The program was started at the office of DTO and was inaugurated by our Hon’ble Addl. Superintendent of Police west Jaintia Hills Jowai.
 Awareness programs on road safety, traffic rules and regulation were done in different part of the District. During the program all the association of local and tourist association, local headmen of different locality of Jowai Town, school and colleges were also invited to attend the program.
Regular Vehicle checking was conducted at different locations of National Highway and Jowai Town during the Road Safety week. In addition leaflets on road safety, traffic rules and regulation have been distributed widely to the public throughout the district, pasted the road safety poster at different location of the district and Jowai Town, and the sticker were distributed to the driver of private and commercial vehicle to paste at their vehicle to make people aware of the road safety rules and regulation.
The following were the places where the road safety was conducted.

Sl No.





8th Mile



Myntdu Bridge



4th Mile And By Pass Area






Wahiajer Ummulong


28.04. 2018

Lad Nangbah And Pasyih



Jowai Ummulong Stand.

During the program the counseling was done to the participants regarding the important of using seat belt, the important of maintaining the proper and the danger of drunken driving. On the last day of the program a meeting was held at Ummulong stand in which many officers from different branch of Government had attended the meeting and had a guidance on road safety. A short counseling was made by the health department regarding the First Aids.
The following steps were given to the participant in order to avoid any road accident.

  • 1. Wearing of seatbelt by driver and passengers and use Helmets for two wheelers is made compulsory.
  • 2. Ovoid over speeding.
  • 3. Avoid using of Mobile phone while driving.
  • 4. Don’t use LED, Halogen bulbs
  • 5. Overloading of commercial vehicle is checked and prohibited.
  • 6. Use correct signals in order to avoid accident.
  • 7. Avoid necessary overtaking to make accident rare and to avoid traffic jam.
  • 8. Avoid drunken driving.