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Cyber World has been created by Computer and Computer Networks. Cyber Crime is a crime where a computer is either a tool or a target. Cyber Crime can be a threat to National Security as well as financial stability. Modern world is the era of information technology where computers, laptops and internet have become a necessity. This technological advancement in the world has changed the crime scenario as crime is no more limited to the conventional methods. Cyber Crime has no geographical boundaries and it has become a challenge to the Investigating Agency.

Meghalaya too like other states has become susceptible to cyber-crimes and keeping in view the rate of Cyber Crime Cases reported in the State, a Cyber Crime Wing has been created / set-up under the Administrative Control and Management of CID.

The Cyber Crime Cell was constituted on 13th May, 2016 in this District. The Officers and staff are train to handle cyber related offences and are operating under the direct supervision and control of the Superintendent of Police.